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We specialize in helping individuals and their families who are facing a serious illness that is life-limiting and also those who are at the end of life.

End of Life Doula

When you or a loved one is in need of support it’s time to reach out to an end of life doula. This quote comes directly from NEDA (National End of Life Doula Association): End-of-life doulas provide non-medical, holistic support and comfort to the dying person and their family, which may include education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual or practical care. You may see just a snippet of some of the services we offer HERE

Respite Support

When your medical professional says the active dying process has started we offer respite support during the active dying process. We honor and can help you create the space and environment that you want when you are dying. Your loved ones may need rest or need emotional support while you’re dying, and we offer that respite support. We also offer bereavement support for up to a few weeks after the loved one has passed.

In-Home Education and Community Workshops

We offer in-home education for your support system. There can be many questions that arise when a person is dying and we can educate you and your loved ones about the process. We can also educate your loved ones how to best support you when the dying process starts. We offer these in-home consulting sessions and community events because we realize we can give you more one-on-one time than other providers. We often partner with other end of life providers to host these community workshops.

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Our Gentle Approach

Love, no-judgement, and empathy are three things we want you to feel when you work with us here at Bridge the Gap. Our services are here for those who are living with a serious illness and/or coming to the end of life or for a loved one who is approaching the end of life.

We provide a gentle approach and can help manage and organize some of the main things people need support with at end of life. We sometimes get confused with hospice, but we are actually very different from what hospice or palliative what care provides.

We often work side-by-side with hospital staff, hospice, palliative care, nurses, and doctors. Together our clients get optimum support during this transition.



You might have a team such as nurses, doctors, social workers, lawyers, financial planners, and many more supportive people helping you. But who is bridging the gap in care? Usually, it’s you and your family trying to navigate and prepare, but families deserve to be spending quality time with one another during this time. Let us help.

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