About Our Services and Who We Are

We are a husband and wife team (Simon Blanco and Meagan Hope). We have life experience, education, and a calling to serve people and their families at the end of life. We train and empower other end of life doulas to help round out our team as our community grows and needs more help at the end of life.

When a person receives a limiting illness diagnosis it can be a lot to process. Not only emotionally but now there are many things that have to be set up and in order. We know this first hand from experience with our own family and friends’ end of life journey and dying experiences before embarking on this business venture to help as many families as we can in Washington and Oregon. 

We are so fortunate to live in a community that has many wonderful resources from funeral homes, hospice, nursing facilities, in-home care, life celebrants, funeral directors, green burial options, social workers, advocates, home equipment, and more. But we recognize that it can be hard to find and utilize all these resources without it becoming a part-time job. 

There is a HUGE need for end-of-life doulas and palliative companions, and we provide the gentle guidance through a number of different services such as respite support, end of life management, and more. 

Meet Our Support Team

We are honored that you are considering to let us into your life during this journey. Please meet our team of professionals. 

Meagan Hope - Executive Director

Meagan grew up helping care for her grandparents starting at the very young age of 8. It’s because this she has always been very aware of the importance of helping those who need help at the end of life.

She has an advantage and understanding of the process and how it’s different for each and every person. Meagan is so very thankful she was taught at a young age to care for those around her when they can’t care for themselves or may need guidance during the end of life.

Meagan volunteers at a local Hospice, continues her education in bereavement, death, and dying through Hospice Foundation of America, attends numerous conferences a year, and works directly with doctors, nurses, social workers, funeral directors, life celebrants, chaplains, and others who also work with people who are dying. She is a trained and certified end of life doula through Quality of Life Care..

Simon Blanco - Business Development Director

Simon helped Meagan care for her aging grandmother for nearly 4 years. He was also there during the active dying process. It was during this time that both Simon and Meagan started to educate themselves about death and end of life and how they could be a positive and supportive business and help those who need end-of-life support. 

Together they formed Bridges, a place for support, guidance, and help with planning the end of life including your own vigil and how you want to die. 

Simon also volunteers at a local Hospice and continues his education in legacy work and end of life management. Together him and his wife, Meagan travel to workshops and conferences each year and both constantly are educating themselves on how to better serve those who are dying and/or someone who has lost a loved one.

Coming Soon - End of Life Doula Intern

New death doula bio and photo coming soon!


Training and Education

We have training from a local hospice and volunteer directly with patients on a weekly basis. Meagan has training as a caregiver and is a certified end-of-life doula. We all continue our education on a monthly basis.


Ethics and Standards

We are here to honor our clients wishes and hold ourselves to the highest standard. We have a strict code of ethics, which is included in our services agreement with each and every client. Although we do not bill insurance we do abide by HIPAA law and standards. 


On Call 24/7

During the active dying stage we are on-call for that particular service. If you need us anytime day or night for immediate respite (for active dying only) or vigil support please call and/or text 503-863-0596 or 360-787-1016.


“When I reflect on the stories of death supported by hospice care and contrast it with our story depicting an absence of support, I find myself dealing with envy and anger. I have channeled those emotions into this book with the hope that hearing our story might give someone else a chance to create a better ending to the life of a loved one.” ― Lisa J. Shultz, A Chance to Say Goodbye: Reflections on Losing a Parent

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional Gentle Approach to All Our Services We Offer

(503) 863-0596 or (360) 787-1016


Greater Portland/Vancouver