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One of the best ways to LIVE is to create a legacy project. We can help you organize your life review, stories, and exactly what you want your legacy project to be.

Some of our clients want to create a documentary type style video, we provide this service. Some clients choose to create a song or several songs about their life and we help them write and record those songs.

Here’s a great quote from University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s website. “At its best, legacy work provides a unique opportunity to reflect on your life and process through the events and people who shaped it, while still planning for the future. It can be a powerful coping tool not only for you, but for the people around you. Leaving a legacy gives your loved ones something tangible to hold on to, something that can provide healing and comfort year after year, and generation after generation. It’s a reminder of who you were, what you loved, what was important to you and what contributions you made.” –http://bit.ly/2rq74tS

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to be dying in order to create your legacy project. It’s one of the most meaningful projects and such a wonderful experience.

“I’m still in the process of creating a legacy project, which will hopefully continue for many years of my life. I see this as the beginning of a long project. I’m starting out with a song, since I’m a songwriter, but want to also create a cookbook.” -Meagan Hope, owner of Bridges

Are you completely stumped on what to get your mom or dad, or grandparents for their anniversary or birthday? How about gifting them our Legacy Project!

It’s really a fun and meaningful process. Often times the process includes having friends and family included in the project. You’re making memories that will be cherished forever!

Call or message us about purchasing this as a gift for someone you love!