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I was doing some writing today and listening to my favorite Pandora station. And a song came on…it reminds me of a friend who died about 6 weeks ago. I sat with her for about 3 weeks daily as she went through her end of life journey.

She got to the point where she was having a hard time emptying her bladder. So, myself and the hospice Chaplain were like let’s sing a song about water…maybe that will trick the mind and get the bladder flowing, we started singing “Blackwater” by The Doobie Brothers.

Unfortunately, our singing didn’t work, but we did enjoying singing the entire song with the sunshine shining brightly in the room and the fall breeze coming in through the window! It became a very special moment.

A couple of weeks after that moment I sat with my friend as she slowly took her last breaths, and for the last 20 minutes of her life the sun came out and shined so very bright. It was a rare moment because it was now November and it had been raining and super cloudy for the last 24 hours.

The experience was incredible, really, it’s hard to put into words. About an hour later we did the “walk-out” at the hospice house, this is where all employees and volunteers stand in the hall and honor the deceased as the physical body is wheeled out to be transported. It was now dark, I got in my car to go home and I turned on the radio, “Blackwater” came on.

Tears came streaming down my face the moment that song came on. I again cannot put into the words what that 5 minute experience listening to that song meant to me. Crazy. Incredible. Sad. Joyous. Transcending. Connected. Spiritual. These are just a small number of the words I can try to use to explain that moment.

I felt very peaceful after that experience.

I tell you this story because telling stories about loved ones who have died is very healing.

Here at Bridges we want to share more stories with you. It’s not just about our experiences, but yours, too.

I know it’s healing both to share your story and to hear the stories from others, too.

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