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“I grew up in a family that cared for both my aging grandparents and also at the end of life. When I was 8 we moved into a new house to care for my grandparents. At 15 my grandfather passed and at 33 I lost my grandmother.

Her death was so different from my grandfathers passing and a huge part of that is because there are many gaps in end-of-life care and services today. People are not living out their last chapter the way the want to. You should be able to live life like you’re dying!

My grandfather had all of his family around him when he passed because the owner of the adult care home in 1997 was able to provide respite and help us all comprehend what was happening during the active dying process.

Many organizations that help with the dying process are spread very thin, even with the help of volunteers.

We needed respite during my grandmother’s active dying process for a few hours so we could eat and rest (I was pregnant). The facility she was in and hospice was not able to provide that relief we needed at that time, and my grandmother passed away alone.

We had expressed that we wanted to be with her while she passed and we were all there for nearly the entire active dying process but so desperately needed some sleep.

Maybe she wanted to be alone, since I was gone only a few hours, but since being with my grandfather as he passed I so badly want to be with my grandmother as she took her very last breath. We on our way and about 15 minutes away from her nursing home.” -Meagan, owner of Bridges End-of-Life Services.

We provide the same support that my grandfather had when he passed way.

At Bridges, we offer respite during the active dying process to families that need a break. We also offer vigil support, so your family isn’t alone during the active dying process. We also do extensive legacy work. Let us help you.

Please, if you know of someone that may need our services we ask that you share website or have them call us at 503-863-0596 or 360-787-1016.